PSY 'Gangnam style' will beat Justin Bieber before December


PSY Gangnam Style domination

PSY and MC Hammer collaborated on a super cool Gangnam Style performance at the AMAs last night but Bieber stole the show with his 'Artist of the year' win. However…PSY is about to beat Bieber in another category.

Moving on to the PSY Gangnam Style phenomenon, it is now clear that the famous music video will surpass Bieber's 800 million total before the end of the month. Last week we reported that Gangnam Style had passed the 700 million barrier on Youtube, and with a conservative estimate of 8 million views a day, it's now safe to say that the video will peak Bieber's 'Baby' in the next week.

PSY has become a global star thanks to the unlikely success of his over-the-top pop hit featuring athletic Asian girls, some foam, and lot's of zany looking facial expressions. Many spin-offs have been made, each with their own impressive tally of views, and it looks like 'Baby', which dominated for more than 2 years on Youtube, will no longer be the most watched video of all time.

What makes 'Gangnam Style' more viral than 'Baby' is that it's more accessible across age groups. 'Baby' was a music video for a much younger generation, and it didn't have any unique dance moves, or routines that would spur a frenzy of remake videos. It wasn't an international cultural hit like 'Gangnam Style', although it has had extraordinary success despite this fact.

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