Emmy winning Irish band The Black Donnelly’s perform their latest concert with cashless tipping


Following their Emmy award win in 2021 for highly entertaining documentary ‘An Irish Story: This is My Home’ which saw the iconic duo tour the states to break a Guinness World Record, the band have embarked on a new adventure to use the latest tech to re-invent their tours.

The Black Donnelly’s, consisting of members Dave Rooney and Dave Browne, both from Dublin, acted as musical directors and producers on their latest documentary - sharing the impact of music in uniting people and the positive story of immigration in the country. Having amassed a big fanbase across the U.S. over the years, the Irish band have been headlining gigs in recent months to kick off the new year, and now with new tech.

Trailer for An Irish Story: This is My Home

For the entertainment business as a whole, cashless tipping via smartphones has become a big growth area as the touring season gets underway, and ticket sales return. In particular, for live events and live-streamed gigs, there’s a growing technology movement for integrated cashless tipping to help independent artists and filmmakers generate more revenue from their events. These include concerts, private gigs, exclusive cinema screenings and much more.

The Black Donnelly’s recently performed in Vegas in support of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, partnering with justTip to get donations and ticket sales via cashless tipping.

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation was founded with the goal of assisting Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children in obtaining mortgage-free houses, which the band have been supporting ever since.

With audiences tuning into their latest performance, the band were able to raise money for the foundation while receiving support from their loyal fans.

As the entertainment industry goes through a transition since the pandemic, virtual events are now being seamlessly integrated with apps that allow fans around the world, and in attendance, to tip music performers. 2022 is set to be a transformative year for entertainers as the technology becomes more smartly integrated into entertainment events.

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