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Mahdi Al-Sharshani Ali Brings Fresh Ingredients to the Film Production Industry

Mahdi Al-Sharshani Ali Qatari filmmaker

Creative minds shape the film or motion picture industry with original ideas, extensive cinematography, screenwriting, and acting. At the forefront of each film is a writer who can bring a dream into existence for many people to see and enjoy, whether the art is a movie, a short film, or a music video. Mahdi Al-Sharshani Ali, also known as Mahdi Ali Ali, is a seasoned filmmaker and director who has flooded the Qatari film industry with award-winning films.

A Rewarded Qatari Filmmaker

Mahdi Ali began his professional filmography career at the International Film School of Paris, where he earned an MFA from EICAR. He soon took a filmmaker position at the Doha Film Institute, Qatar’s first international association for film accounting, production, festivals, and learning resources. This nonprofit organization helps creators expand their networks beyond national boundaries. Ali also trains future auteurs and ensures they receive a proper education with comprehensive initiatives.

Mahdi directed, wrote, and produced over 30 short films at the Doha Film Institute. Some of his works include the following:

  • I Love You, Champs-Élysées (2010)
  • The Gulf Habibi (2011)
  • Amphitheater (2018)

The short film Amphitheater earned significant recognition at several film festivals under the organization’s authority. This silent comedy was the paramount motion picture at the Ajyal Film Festival. It earned awards at the 2020 MENA Film Festival, the 2019 Chicago International Film Festival, and the 2019 Beijing International Short Film Festival.

Some other short fiction works Ali was the executive producer and supervisor of include:

  • Three (2013)
  • Eye & Mermaid (2013)
  • A Dream (2013)

An Aid to Content Creators

Alongside being an experienced movie maker, Mahdi has influenced the music video field, specifically assisting Jessica Gibson in producing quality productions. He is her director and producer and currently has four low-budget works in progress.

  • Dowayha – the Doha Film Institute funded this project’s development in 2018. It is the DFI’s first Qatari feature film since 2010. The script participated in the Qumra event, an initiative the DFI designed to provide mentorship, training, and hands-on experience for Qatari filmmakers. Mahdi is the director and producer of this film, which he will shoot in Doha, Qatar.
  • Feet – although in its idea stage, this film has participated in the DFI’s Hezayah workshop, a laboratory specialized in helping writers create a feature-length screenplay. As the film development executive, Ali will slate the production in Bosnia and Qatar.
  • iPhone Memory – Ali is this music video’s film development executive and will film it in Paris, France.
  • The Mother’s Sea – Mahdi received a production grant from the DFI in 2019 for this music video, signifying his fourth film project. He is its director and film development executive and plans to film the video in southern France, a scenic region, to capture the movie’s theme.

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