Jillian Mercado announced as Cybersmile Ambassador on Stop Cyberbullying Day


Actress and Latinx fashion model Jillian Mercado has been announced as a Cybersmile Ambassador coinciding with the annual Stop Cyberbullying Day event.

Having become a force for good in the fashion and entertainment industry as an advocate for disabled rights and representation, Mercado, who suffers from spastic muscular dystrophy, has joined Cybersmile to further their mission for an inclusive internet.

Speaking about her new role as a Cybersmile Ambassador today, Mercado said, “I am proud to become a Cybersmile ambassador and work alongside them in their mission for a truly inclusive internet. I look forward to supporting their efforts to continue delivering highly impactful programs and creative campaigns that demonstrate the immense power that exists within diversity and representation.”

Jillian Mercado joins a number of Hollywood icons and entertainers including the likes of British actor Richard Armitage, TV star Katie Cassidy, actress Garcelle Beauvais, singer Normani and TikTok star Holly H.

Mercado, a native New Yorker born to Dominican parents, has had spastic muscular dystrophy since she was a child and has spent the majority of her life in a wheelchair. Despite having a disability, she has emerged as one of the most well-known advocates for equality and has been encouraging the industry to provide more opportunities for individuals with disabilities and members of underrepresented groups.

Currently starring in the short film “My Eyes Are Up Here” which is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, Mercado has also featured in the popular Showtime series “The L Word: Generation Q” as Maribel Suarez.

The announcement follows new research revealed by The Cybersmile Foundation on Stop Cyberbullying Day providing additional insights into the impact that social media is having on Gen Z youth in Britain. The data revealed that a majority of 16-24 year olds in the UK feel unsatisfied with their lives, and most admit to comparing themselves to others online.

Cyberbullying and online harassment have also been a factor in the mental health of young people, and the charity has worked with its ambassadors over the years to raise awareness of the issues and encourage a kinder internet.

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