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Below you will find a list of contact emails to various departments at the Film Industry Network. You will also find an FAQ page to help you find the right contact. If you are looking to contact our UK or French publications, please visit the contact pages of those websites.

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Got a tip? Think that your story could be of interest to us? Is this breaking news, or something that is really important and you think we should be covering it? We would love to hear from you:

Tips: [email protected]
Music News : [email protected]
Film News : [email protected]
Entertainment News : [email protected]

Content submissions

We do consider independent content submissions from freelancers. If you are looking to become a regular FIN contributor you can also send us your bio along with relevant links to your previous work. FIN provides international exposure for writers looking to share their views, and highlight important issues in the film industry. We are particularly keen to see unique perspectives on creativity, what you’re doing to take your filmmaking skills higher.

? [email protected] (single articles or videos only)
[email protected]

Content licensing

FIN has a database of more the 2500 articles including in-depth tutorial and help guides for people working in the industry. If you would like content from us please get in touch for pricing. We can also provide guidance on how you can syndicate content from our site. If you would like FIN to produce content for your website you can also contact us below. Please leave a phone number if you wish a callback.

[email protected]


We can provide you with advertising space on our website and help promote your company, a contest, or build a campaign that fits your requirements. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies to-date and continue to offer bespoke services. You can also request a callback if you would like to hear more about our offers, and pricing.

To find out more please visit

[email protected]

Business development

Do you wish to partner with the Film Industry Network? Do you have a mutually beneficial proposal that you think would be of interest? Please use this email below and send us your proposal.

[email protected]

Tutorials / How Tos

If you would like to comment on, suggest new tutorial articles, or technology we haven’t covered please get in touch below.

[email protected]

Features and interviews

We interview and feature people in the film industry to show their outstanding work and creativity to the community. If you feel you or someone you know should be considered please use the relevant address below:

[email protected]
[email protected]


FIN currently runs an internship program in France only. If you would like to apply outside of France, we are on the lookout for students looking to improve their writing skills and who can work from home. Please forward your CVs along with a brief introduction about yourself and what you would like to achieve. (Minimum age requirement is 18)

[email protected]


If you have any comments about our website or want to let us know of a technical issue please use this address:

[email protected]

General enquiries

For all other enquiries :

[email protected]


Can we do a link exchange with our website and the Film Industry Network?

We do not offer direct link exchanges between websites, in footers or any part of our site. This is against our TOC, however if you would like to advertise on Film Industry Network you can contact us for more information: [email protected]

Can you feature our Indiegogo/kickstarter project?

As of September 2013 we no longer feature crowdfunding campaigns. If you would like FIN’s support to help you raise financing for your project you can get in contact with our advertising department before you launch your campaign.

Exception : If you are raising money for a non-profit initiative through crowdfunding websites we are open to promoting that. Please send your request here: [email protected]

Can I submit my film for review?

We currently don’t review films however if you would like to show us your film we may choose to feature it. FIN only accepts online submissions. In order to protect your work we recommend that you create an unlisted version of your film on Youtube or a private, password enabled link with Vimeo. Please send your submissions here: [email protected]

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