Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Film Industry Network regularly engages with non-profit organizations and governments to support activities that encourage diversity and provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in creative projects.

Our goal is to promote and enhance the work of organizations that help to educate, promote, and provide a path for talented individuals seeking careers in the creative industries. This also includes supporting better working conditions and encouraging industry-wide adoption of mental health services for all.

Below you can find our 6 pillars of engagement with our goals to create positive change in the entertainment industry

6 pillars of engagement

Career opportunities for minorities and underprivileged individuals

We want stronger representation of minorities in the entertainment business as well as those that seek to enter the industry, but don’t have the means to pay for education or specialist training with more transparent access to jobs.

Strong cultural ties through collaborative, creative projects

We wish to strengthen cultural ties between nations around the world through creative projects in order to raise awareness of social issues. This includes fostering new ideas that can bring about positive changes in society - and help people come closer together to tell stories that inspire and educate audiences.

Access to affordable education

We believe that everyone should have the chance to pursue their dreams regardless of their background or faith - and therefore be able to access affordable education that can help them achieve their goals and learn new skills.

Promotion of exceptional talent in the media and more funding for film projects

We want to encourage private citizens as well as investors and governments to allocate increased funding for creative projects - and provide new talent with opportunities to get recognized in the media for their unique creative vision.

Diversity and inclusion of women and the LGBTQ community

We wish to encourage a diverse industry where there are more roles open to women and people within the LGBTQ community. This includes better access to castings, film production roles and executive level hires among other creative professions.

Industry provision of mental health support resources and on-set safety procedures

We want to see an industry-wide adoption of mental health support resources that can be provided to creative professionals, including access to specialist counsellors. This also includes stricter guidelines regarding on-set safety procedures for all workers, and training for staff to ensure safety is a priority.

Film Industry Network projects

Film Industry Network has supported a number of organizations over the years. Below you can see four distinct projects and how Film Industry Network participated:

The Cybersmile Foundation

For The Cybersmile Foundation’s 2018 Stop Cyberbullying Day event, Film Industry Network mobilized its community of filmmakers and creatives to join the non-profit’s Thunderclap - encouraging a kinder internet and helping to support users and creative professionals affected by mental health disabilities. The campaign reached over 100 million internet users and gained support from 750+ influencers.

Film The House

Film Industry Network organized a campaign to encourage young talented creators to participate in the UK Government’s ‘Film The house’ initiative supporting the protection of intellectual property - offering a number of selected prizes to winning film entries at an exclusive award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament. The initiative brought together young creators from across the UK from different communities and gained the support of film production companies including Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.

UN Citizen Ambassador Program

In support of the UN’s Citizen Ambassador challenge, Film Industry Network coordinated a campaign encouraging content creators to engage with world leaders through short videos. A number of UN Ambassadors also took part in the initiative including actor Jackie Chan, soccer player Lionel Messi and Stevie Wonder. The winners were invited to the 65th UN Day at the UN Headquarters in New York to meet with the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Sikh Coalition Diversity Challenge

Working closely with the Sikh Coalition, Film Industry Network launched a campaign to promote diversity and inclusion in support of minority groups marginalised and stereotyped after the 911 attacks - and to encourage tolerance between different ethnicities. The initiative invited filmmakers from around the world to submit their short videos, with the winners being awarded a round-trip to New York and a number of cash prizes.

Our commitment

Film Industry Network encourages applications from non-profit organizations that share our goals in making the entertainment industry more diverse, inclusive and a safer place to work.

Contact our CSR department by sending an introduction about your organization or project to [email protected] (please include CSR in the title of your email).

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