Jackie Chan wants you to become a UN citizen ambassador

NEW YORK, USA - Jackie Chan has issued a challenge to people around the world to become UN Citizen Ambassadors.

The Citizen Ambassadors to the United Nations campaign is encouraging people from all corners of the globe to engage world leaders through video messages on YouTube and learn about the work of the UN.

This year's contest is oriented around the Millennium Development Goals and aspiring Citizen Ambassadors are invited to express their views using video by telling the world how to achieve them. Celebrities supporting the project include the likes of Stevie Wonder, Jackie Chan and footballer Lionel Messi. Contestants from anywhere can enter the competition by replying to these challenge videos on the UN's YouTube channel.

Winners of the contest will be invited to the United Nation's Headquarters in New York for the 65th UN Day, where they will be given a special guided tour, meet Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and assist as VIPs to the UN Day Concert on 23rd October.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon launched the campaign to utilize the power of online social networking and give a voice to a new generation of world citizens to teach them the importance of diplomacy and international cooperation. As the internet becomes a central point for diplomacy and advocacy, the UN hopes this competition will resonate understanding between cultures and unite citizens and address issues affecting them across the world.

Competition details:

How to enter

To find out more about the contest please visit the UN Citizen Ambassadors website and read the terms and conditions. Before entering your video response, make sure that you read the Millennium Development Goals.

Jackie Chan's challenge video

Deadline : 23rd August 2010

Winners of the competition will receive:

  • A HD Flip Cam.
  • The Honorary title of "Citizen Ambassador to the UN" for two years.
  • A Complimentary flight + 2 nights in New York City for UN Day 2010.
  • A meeting and photo-op with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
  • VIP seating at the UN Day Concert in the GA Hall at UNHQ.
  • The winning videos will be screened at the UN by end of the year.
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