Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018: Stars pledge their support for victims of online abuse

Stars pledged their support for victims of harassment and abuse following a global campaign organized by The Cybersmile Foundation that reached 101 million internet users.

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 welcomed Youtube stars and influencers including Johnny Orlando, Jordyn Jones, singer Jake Zyrus, and British blogger Zoella.

Celine Dion, William Shatner, Stephen Fry, Richard Armitage, Krista Allen and Normani (Fifth Harmony) also pledged their support for a kinder internet.

With harassment and abuse prevalent on social media affecting the mental health and wellbeing of people around the world, Stop Cyberbullying Day has become an important global awareness event on the topic of online abuse and harassment - encouraging people to show their support for others who are affected.

Brands and organizations also took part in showing their support on Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 including VH1, Claire’s, WWE, Born This Way Foundation and Talking Tom.

Prior to the launch of Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018, The Cybersmile Foundation started a Thunderclap campaign where people could sign up and include their message of encouragement using their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Once the countdown expired, messages were sent out across the web.

Stop Cyberbullying Day takes place on the third Friday of every June. For more information, you can visit the Stop Cyberbullying Day website.

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