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Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival reveals 2024 lineup

© Clermont Ferrand

The 46th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is slated to occur from February 2 to 10, 2024. The substantial volume of submissions anticipates a return to “normalcy,” signifying a revival in global film production after three challenging years due to Covid. A total of 9,400 films from various continents, including nearly 2,000 French productions, have been entered.

The International Competition is set to showcase 66 films representing 52 nationalities. Additionally, the Lab Competition will exhibit 24 films from 23 countries. The National Competition will highlight 45 French films, encompassing 12 international co-productions.

Despite challenging choices and more stringent selection criteria, the International Competition promises to host captivating narratives and distinctive voices in 2024. The event will represent talent from 52 countries through the lens of 68 directors, presenting a mosaic of fascinating stories from around the globe.

Acknowledging the challenges of 2023, some participants in the International Competition experienced setbacks, fostering a spirit of resilience and humor. Many international films reflect a yearning for freedom, persisting as an enduring cry within the narratives.

Short films serve as a mirror reflecting both shared and individual realities worldwide, prompting audiences to revisit them in a fresh light. This year, the festival aims to celebrate these international short films by laughing, crying, demonstrating, dancing, pondering, shouting, and above all, cherishing their essence.

The Festival’s 46th National Competition proudly exhibits French creativity, showcasing 1,957 films from various corners of the country and beyond. Several shorts, co-produced or filmed by foreign filmmakers, offer glimpses into diverse cultures, enriching perspectives with insights from Colombia, Morocco, Japan, Quebec, and Belgium. Out of nearly 2,000 entries, only 2.3% secured spots in the competition, resulting in a selection of 45 films.

Two French short films, “Avec l’humanité qui convient” and “Ma poule,” stand out as representatives in the International Competition. Both debut films, directed by Kacper Checinski and Caroline Ophelie, respectively, explore distinct themes, featuring contrasting atmospheres. One portrays a gripping social thriller, while the other follows a dreamy man’s outdoor journey.

The Lab selection echoes the work of filmmaker Chris Marker, delving into social and political realities and memory. Films like “Los Rayos de una Tormenta” by Julio Hernández Cordón from Mexico and “Até Onde o Mundo Alcança” by Brazilian filmmaker Daniel Frota de Abreu engage with collective memory and the enduring effects of colonialism.

“512X512” by Arthur Chopin navigates the realm of immemory, akin to Marker’s work, offering a fascinating and unnerving perspective on AI. “Via Dolorosa” by director Rachel Gutgarts presents a gripping portrayal of Jerusalem intertwined with introspection.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the multitude of films within the 2024 Lab competition, inviting exploration into their multifaceted narratives and profound messages.

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