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Short film “With Joyful Ring” to premiere at Studio City International Film Festival

© Dark Eye Productions

Short film “With Joyful Ring” by writer/director Gary Karapetyan will have its premiere this November at the Studio City International Film Festival.

Set in a small town in Illinois, the short film tells the story of Thomas Mitchell – a lonely man struggling with depression after a loss, who seeks hope of finding joy on Christmas Day. Following the character’s personal struggle, the short drama aims to raise awareness of how people from all walks of life can be affected by life changing events, and the repercussions they can have on one’s own wellbeing.

© Dark Eye Productions

Karapetyan’s latest film, which he also produced through his company Dark Eye Productions, stars Matthew Rhodes and Elena Hollander. Rhodes has played in a host of series and productions that have aired on Netflix including Deep Undercover: Operation Missouri Dog Fight Duo (2017), The Toys That Made Us (2018) and CBS’ Pink Collar Crimes. “With Joyful Ring” will be co-star Elena Hollander’s 5th short film performance.

Director of Photography, George Pilafdzhyan, also worked closely with Karapetyan to bring his vision for the script to screen.

Director Gary Karapetyan / © Dark Eye Productions

Following on from his previous award-winning horror/thriller “All I See,” director Gary Karapetyan spoke about his latest picture and its message, reflecting that, “No matter where we are and no matter who we are, we all know what it feels like to lose a loved one from this world, especially during the holiday season when you feel the emptiness. We always go back in time in our thoughts and try to cherish those moments we had with our loved ones.”

Trailer – With Joyful Ring

The short film’s world premiere will take place on November 5 at the Studio City International Film Festival at Laemmle NOHO 7, with tickets going on sale soon. Additional screenings have also been confirmed at the Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival, the Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, ShockFest, the La Live Film Fest and the Arpa International Film Festival.

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