Sikh Coalition launches global film competition


NEW YORK, USA - Filmmakers around the world are invited to submit short videos in the Sikh Coalition's first Diversity Video Competition.

The Diversity Video Competition encourages filmmakers of all ages and religions to create a 5 minute video that explores the statement "You can't judge a book by its cover," to highlight civil rights issues, stereotypes and myths surrounding minority groups in society. Since 911, the Sikh community has faced discrimination and cultural isolation because of unfounded stereotypes such as those wearing the turban being associated with terrorist groups, and the Coalition hopes this competition will allow people to understand Sikh and minority group contributions in everyday society.

The winning filmmaker will receive a cash prize of $1000 and a free round-trip ticket to New York (for US residents only) with the film's world premiere at the prestigious Sikh Art and Film Festival in October. A $500 cash prize will also be awarded to the runner up.

SikhswhitehouseThrough legal work and advocacy, the Sikh Coalition stands up for human rights and highlights discrimination issues to give a voice to those who face challenges in society, fostering civic engagement in order to promote local community empowerment. The Sikh Coalition is the largest in U.S. history, and was founded the day of the September 11th attacks, condemning them and seeking a way forward to help prevent hate crimes against innocent people branded as terrorists. The Coalition has since engaged in dialogue with lawmakers and testified in the US congress to bring forward changes such as has helping a Sikh male join the military without having to remove his turban, which was previously banned.

The Sikh Coalition has also been invited to participate in cultural festivities at the White House hosted by Barack Obama on two separate occasions as their advocacy has been widely felt, and continues to be an important mission.

Filmmakers will gain a unique perspective by participating in this film competition and will be able to attain international recognition for their creativity and ideas. The Diversity Video Competition is an ambitious project, that will bring communities together whilst encouraging participants to have fun creating short videos - educating the next generation that multiculturalism, and openness is the way forward.

To find out more about the film competition log on to the Sikh Coalition website. The deadline for entries has been extended to September 15th, 2010.


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