Big Moe 4 Ever Short Film: A Look into a Legendary Artist’s Impact on Southern Hip Hop

Big Moe short film Houston Hip Hop
HOUSTON, TEXAS – Houston is iconic for its tightly-knit hip hop community. It is also home to some of the most influential artists in Southern rap. Kenneth Doniell Moore, known far better by the moniker “Big Moe,” has impacted not only Houston, but also hip hop as a whole through his music and presence within the industry.

The independent short film proudly includes footage of Big Moe’s family, friends, and fellow rappers as they reminisce about who Big Moe was as both an individual and as an artist. The unifying theme of all of their testimonials is one of esteem and respect.

The footage begins with a live recording of Big Moe at a crowded concert, with speakers blaring the instrumental to his breakthrough single Mann! while the crowd chants the lyrics along with him. This scene is quickly followed by baby pictures of the rapper as his family discusses his early life. It becomes immediately apparent how far he had come, ascending from a young boy with an interest in music to a nationally acclaimed hip hop artist.

At surface level, particularly to those who had not met him, Big Moe may simply seem like just another Houston rapper. But, he was clearly built for something far greater than average. Third Ward is the Houston neighborhood where Big Moe spent his youth. A member of the renowned Houston rap collective Screwed Up Click is where he ended up.

Enter a clip from the music video for Maan! where Big Moe can be seen rhythmically bobbing to the cadence of the beat while rapping the lyrics to the song that put him on the map in the industry. When asked about Big Moe, CEO/Founder of Wreckshop Records Derrick Dixon declares, “Moe was just a cool person. He came in and fit right into the Wreckshop family. When he was in a good mood, the whole room was in a good mood.”

During any shot where Big Moe is present with others, it is obvious just how infectious his humor and attitude was to those who surround him. His musical ability allowed him to ascend to unprecedented heights; his demeanor brought him even more respect.

Famous rappers Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Tight Eyez all laud both Big Moe’s performance and his ability to bring an atmosphere of positivity into the room along with him. Their voices have a hint of sadness in them, but nevertheless have a tone of certainty when they discuss the monumental impact Big Moe had on Houston’s hip hop community.

The documentary film serves not only as a memorial for one of the most driving forces in the history of Houston hip hop, but also displays the positive impact that he provided to those who were in his presence.

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