PSY Gangnam Style music video smashes 700 million milestone


Psy Gangnam style gets 700 million views

You've seen the PSY Gangnam style music video by now, but did you expect it to tally in 700 million viewers?

The South Korean sugar-coated pop track has defined 'science' to become Youtube's second biggest music video in history. The only other contender that has more views than Gangnam Style is Justin Bieber, who's hit 'Baby' has 798 million views.

Gangnam Style has been a culture hit in both Asian and in America. It's quirky, silly, and totally provocative musical style has given birth to a new form of dancing (which you can see in the video below).

Written and produced and sung by Park Jai-Sang (PSY), 'Gangnam Style' has been parodied and re-hashed by thousands of filmmakers and artists. World leaders have even joined in and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has even called it a "force for world peace". Does it get any better than that? This video only came out in mid July? It's only a matter of time before it becomes the biggest music video in history.

Gangnam Stlye music video

Update : Even before this article went Live, the viewing total went from 701 million to 703 million in 20 minutes. Wow!

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