Exclusive : Justin Bieber 'Baby' music video passes 800 million views

Bieber Fans break music video record

Justin Bieber's 'Baby' featuring Ludacris has surpassed 800 million views today, making it to date the most popular music video of all time.

Close behind Bieber's 2010 hit is PSY's Gangnam Style, which is closing in on 'Baby' at over 730 million views so far.

Released on Youtube via VEVO on February 19th 2010, Bieber's 'Baby' became an international hit and played on radios worldwide. Even in 2nd hand stores in France (I can confirm that) Bieber's Baby was loud and on the air. Directed by Ray Kay, the video was originally filmed in January 2010 and stars Actress Jasmine Villegas as Bieber's love interest. Lil Twist and Drake also make cameo appearances in the song.

With the 800 million views record established we are now awaiting to see who will reach 1 billion views for the first time. Justin Bieber faces tough competition from South Korean sensation PSY to become the first artist to do so. In 2012, Bieber became the most powerful online celebrity. Can Bieber now become the first singer in history to get one billion views for a single music video? We'll soon find out.

Justin Bieber : Baby feat Ludacris music vid

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