London Gangnam Style closes in on 4 million visitors


UK Asian community goes viral

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is a global phenomenon but now Londoners are seeing some viral success of their own in 'London Style'. With the Asian community dancing to the tune of the much loved dance song, 'London Style' incorporates some of our best landmarks and clichés all into one fun, over-the-top danceaholic workout video.

Thanks to this innovation, the video has gained a lot of traction since it went online in mid September and also reveals to us another clue to viral success when it comes to online digital marketing. It's no secret that the influence of short films is making an impact on our culture and the way we communicate, but this example proves how people can tune into global movements with their own remakes and get big viewerships.

London Style parody

There are now hundreds of parodies of PSY Gangnam style, amounting to more than 220 million views.

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