Alexander Ron named digital editor for a leading publication

Alexander Ron is a British journalist, editor, and digital creator. Alexander has worked with a broad range of well-known creatives and global brands. He has had writing featured in leading publications – and has recently been named digital editor for a prestigious Condé Nast publication.

Early Beginnings

Alexander grew up in a small village outside of London. At age 18, he moved to London to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Communication at Condé Nast College, the first educational establishment of the Condé Nast Publications Ltd. From a very young age, Alexander knew he wanted to work for a company like Condé Nast. It was the idea of working on challenging and exciting projects, meeting interesting people, and working among passionate and informed individuals. During his younger years, Alexander found academics challenging – this did not come easy to him – he knew to get to where he needed to be, he had to work exceptionally hard.

Dedication And Hard Work

While studying for his degree, Alexander managed to land a coveted work placement at British Vogue. He did many internships to raise his profile in the industry and was always on the lookout for ways to expand his network. After graduating, Alexander pitched ideas to various magazines and eventually got some writing into Glamour magazine, followed by an internship placement at, one of the major players in the luxury resale space. He then secured a freelance contract with ITV Studios, managing the ecommerce and affiliate content for the mobile app and web. Alexander then landed his first position with Condé Nast as a Digital Content Marketing Executive, and within twelve months promoted to Digital Editor at the publication.

Challenges And Highlights

In a recent interview, Alexander talked about how doing back-to-back internships and finding his way to break into the industry was a major challenge and how it was sleepless nights and a 7-day working week. He also talked about how challenging it was to keep a positive mindset throughout the entire process, however, the challenges that he had to face would just make him stronger and strengthen his ability to face and conquer more adversity in the future, becoming more confident from overcoming various difficulties. Alexander was fortunate enough to present his final degree project to Anna Wintour during the Condé Nast College graduate showcase exhibition, this made for a memorable experience for him and a phenomenal career highlight.

Mindset Is Everything

Alexander Ron’s inspirational journey demonstrates that without challenges, there would be no opportunity to evolve, and that facing adversity and obstacles only makes you stronger when new challenges arise. Alexander talks about how setting your own goals is crucial, and not to waste a single day, to do something each day that will get you that one step closer to where you want to be. He expresses how it’s not just about how badly you want it; it’s how hard you’re willing to work for it.`

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