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Lobular Breast Cancer Films To Support Research Into The Disease


Lobular breast cancer is the 2nd most common type of breast cancer, rarely shows on a mammogram, is often diagnosed later with poorer long term outcomes and shockingly does not have a specific treatment but one day it could. These are the key messages from the 2 new captivating educational films, just released globally from British production company Fact Not Fiction Films.

One is a 27 minute short drama film starring Angela Dixon and Hannah Baxter-Eve entitled ‘Eve Groves’. The other is a 60 minute documentary entitled ‘My Journey With Lobular’, the first ever documentary looking at Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer. The films have been made to support the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project‘, a lobular breast cancer research project, set up to raise money for the internationally renowned Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London.

Both films can be seen on the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’ website for free. Other language versions of the documentary are planned for the future, to increase the global reach of the message the films contain.

My Journey With Lobular

The ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’ was set up in 2023 by former airline pilot, Australian Dr Susan Michaelis. Dr Michaelis was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in 2013 and both films are based on her experiences and journey.

Dr. Michaelis told Film Industry Network: “I had 7 cm of invasive lobular breast cancer, yet a mammogram and ultrasound saw nothing. I am just one of the 1,000 people a day being diagnosed with lobular breast cancer and currently there is no specific treatment for them or myself. This must change. We are treated with drugs developed from research into other breast cancers types, drugs not specifically designed for lobular breast cancer. These drugs have not been able to stop my cancer spreading to my bones. This is why I set up the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’. A research project to fully understand the biology of the lobular breast cancer, which is in effect, a different sub type of breast cancer to the more common type known as ductal. This will lead one day, to a specific treatment for the disease which will give much better outcomes. ICR can do this, they just need the money”.

The films highlight the shocking reality that around 4 million people globally will be diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in the next 10 years and they would except a specific treatment but this currently does not exist.

The short film ‘Eve Groves’ tells the story of a keen gardener, her 2 daughters and the way each deals with their mother’s diagnosis and the mother’s battle with lobular breast cancer. The short features an impressive musical score. The film opens with a remarkable new orchestra score from Italian composer Andrea Morricone, son of double Academy Award winner Ennio Morricone. Later, it has a captivating piece from Russian classical guitarist, Anna Demchencko and the film ends with the hit song ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’ from British singer Zöe Pollock.

Fact Not Fiction Films CEO and former airline captain, Tristan Loraine stated: “Lobular breast cancer is a global issue and I want to thank everyone that helped make these films possible. The music score for ‘Eve Groves’ has an international global theme to remind people that cancer does not care where you live, what your skin colour is, what your religion or gender is. It’s a common enemy humanity needs to work together to one day overcome. If our films can help make this happen then we have achieved our goals”.

The short film includes an inspiring and uplifting moment when a new rose is presented to the mother ‘Eve Groves’, by legendary rose grower Philip Harkness of Harkness Roses (who plays himself in the film). Harkness Roses have a long history in rose growing and have supplied roses to Queen Victoria. The film scene was inspired by the Harkness Roses launch at the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2023, of a new ‘Dr Susan Michaelis’ rose. A rose bred by Philip Harkness which supports the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’. A small sum of each rose sold, is sent to ICR, and goes specifically into lobular breast cancer research.

The short film was made with support from a wide number of companies who corporately decided to back the project in a diverse number of ways. Companies that include: Harkness Roses, Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens, Taylors Bulbs, Bury Hill Landscape Supplies, Guardant, Hozelock, Farlington School, Coco’s Style, How Green Nursey, EGO Plus, Everedge, Father’s Daughter interiors, GenesisCare, Michaelis Aviation Consulting, Loraine Michaelis Foundation, Mayfield of London, The Cafe at No 4, Cuckoo Boutique, Merran and Budapest Scoring.

Established in 2006, Fact Not Fiction Films specialises in highlighting public interest issues. Their first documentary in 2007 investigated the issue of toxic fumes on aircraft (often referred to as Aerotoxic Syndrome) and led to two calls for a Public Inquiry. Their recent short films have raised the profile of a number of public interest issues. ‘Missing a Note’ in 2019 highlighted dementia, ‘Finding Wilson’ in 2021 highlighted PTSD in the military and mental health in young adults. Their latest 2021 investigative documentary, ‘American 965’ looked at the 1995 crash of American Airlines flight 965 in Colombia.


Fact Not Fiction Films are now working on a sequel documentary to ‘My Journey With Lobular’ and a new anti-bullying in sport public awareness short called ‘Aguska’, set to be filmed in late summer 2023.

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