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Fact Not Fiction Films team up with world champion ‘Aguska’ for a new film project

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British film production company Fact Not Fiction Films, have since their creation in 2006, made a large number of documentaries and public awareness short films. Award winning short films that have helped increase awareness of issues like dementia, mental health in young adults, PTSD in the military and more recently lobular breast cancer. They are now planning an ambitious new short film to primarily raise awareness of bullying.

Their new short film entitled ‘Aguska’ is focused on the theme of bullying in sport through the eyes of a junior women’s football team.

The film will be entirely filmed in Sussex, England, with the support of Horsham, Broadbridge Heath, Hastings and Sparrows football clubs and will feature the freestyle football champion and Guinness World Record Holder, known as ‘Aguska’. Aguska has previously won four World Championships and two European Championships and is one of the world’s most accomplished freestyle footballers.


Producer and Fact Not Fiction Films CEO Tristan Loraine commented: “When I first saw Aguska’s remarkable football skills, I thought this would be amazing to incorporate into a short film. Bullying in sport is an issue I have wanted to tackle for some time and I was really delighted when Aguska agreed to be part of the project.”

The film has also cast legendary British actor Simon Callow in the role of Patrick Carter. Simon Callow has received numerous accolades including an Olivier Award, Screen Actors Guild Award as well as nominations for two BAFTA Awards. His role in ‘Aguska’ sees him play the part of a grandfather who owns a very successful business and local football club, lives in a country mansion and who has two wonderful grandchildren staying with him. One is rising star, 18-year-old, Tegan Muggeridge and upcoming 10-year-old Georgiana Spencer.

The film will be directed by Tristan Loraine, founder of Fact Not Fiction Films and the very accomplished Sussex based actress Hannah Baxter-Eve. Hannah also plays the role of Mr Carter’s PA ‘Jane’ in the film. They commented: “We had over 400 applicants for the two key roles of the grandchildren but both Tegan and Georgiana, were in a class of their own. Amazing young talents”.

Tegan Muggeridge stated: “Since secondary school, anti-bullying awareness has been something very close to my heart, and I strongly feel that it is an important topic that should be brought to the forefront of society as a whole because it so often gets forgotten. I think that more awareness of bullying in schools, could be implemented and especially the different forms it takes – so definitely speak up and speak out.

“Being constantly picked upon verbally and physically during time at school can be detrimental to a person’s mental health. It’s so important not to let the bullies get the better of you. In life, we often get knocked down but it’s crucial to get back up again!!”

Hannah Baxter-Eve commented further: “It’s a privilege to be working with Fact Not Fiction Films, telling a story of female empowerment and perseverance through the eyes of young women. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team, the remarkable Simon Callow and such passionate young actors. This combined with the support of our local community, makes this film especially close to my heart.”

The film has also cast 14-year-old Scottish based Skye Kilgallon in the part of Lizzie.

Tristan commented: “The role of casting Lizzie was very challenging. They needed to be under 16, a great actress and a great football player. After reviewing over 300 showreels, we watched the showreel of Skye Kilgallon from Scotland. Hannah and I just looked at each other. We were speechless. The next thing we did was contact her agent Mark Jermin Management who have been amazing. She will bring so much to the film.”

The cinematographer for the new short film will be Anya Krasnikova. Anya worked previously with Fact Not Fiction Films on their new 2023 short films ‘Eve Groves’ and ‘Angel Fleet’.

The film will feature the block hit single ‘Tubthumping’, a song released by British rock band Chumbawamba who have kindly agreed to support the short film project.

Fact Not Fiction Films have made over 30 films and documentaries, including 5 Academy Long List Contenders, documentaries ‘Shady Lady’ (2012), Everybody Flies (2019) and ‘American 965’ (2021) and short films ‘Missing a Note’ (2019) and ‘Finding Wilson’ (2021). Their non-commercial public awareness short film projects have been mostly funded by private and corporate investors with strong community support. They hope this project will appeal to a diverse range of investors who will want to get involved and support the film.

Tristan added: “Making films for me has always been fundamentally about raising awareness of important issues or remarkable achievements and people. This film follows in that journey and I am very grateful to all those who help make it happen: Cast, crew, investors and our supporters.”

Further details about the film, cast, crew and how to donate or get involved can be found at: and on social media at: @aguskafilm

Final casting of the film continues with filming scheduled to start in late August 2023.

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