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Award winning Fact Not Fiction Films releases trailer for latest short film ‘Angel Fleet’ ahead of Premiere

Angel Fleet short film behind the scenes look
© Fact Not Fiction Films

Following the loss of their father in a gliding accident, daughters Molly (Darcy Jacobs), Romina (Millie Lewis) and their mum (Jessica Hilliard) struggle in different ways to come to terms with the tragedy.

This is the third film starring actress Darcy Jacobs from production company Fact Not Fiction Films having first cast Darcy when she was 11 in ‘Missing a Note’ and again in ‘Finding Wilson’ when she was 13. Both films had a selected theatrical release in the UK with Everyman Cinemas and went on to be Academy Award Contenders. Both films saw Darcy win Best Young Actress Awards for her performances.

Angel Fleet has a strong aviation flavour influenced by director and producer Tristan Loraine being a former airline captain. The film also has a strong musical theme and features the legendary UK Glenn Miller Orchestra as well as a remarkable singing performance from Darcy.

Director and producer Tristan Loraine commented: “Darcy is such a talent. Her ability to not only act to such a high standard but also her signing voice is incredible. She is such a pleasure to work with and so professional. She has an amazing future ahead of her and we are pleased to have been part of her journey so far.”

Darcy had already performed ‘Les Miserables’ on the West End in London and had also been cast by Sam Mendes in his play The Ferryman, before she did her first film with Fact Not Fiction Films demonstrating her unique talent and abilities.

Angel Fleet Trailer

Cinematographer Anya Krasnikova stated: “Angel Fleet resonated with me because of its  connection of WW2 history to the modern day grief through the eyes of a teenage girl. The film has introduced me to the fascinating world of aviation and gave me so many cinematic opportunities to capture.”

The film has some remarkable flying scenes with the legendary pilot Guy Westgate and has a premiere on Thursday 27 April 2023 at the Capitol Theatre Horsham in England.

Executive Producer Herb Jackson Jr of ‘I Ain’t No Herb Jackson Studios LLC’ who has flown in to the event from Los Angeles told Film Industry Network: “I am extremely pleased to be here in the UK to celebrate the completion of ‘Angel Fleet’ alongside our phenomenal cast & crew. I’m especially happy to share this moment with Tristan. His passion and creativity is what made this film a win and I look forward to a successful run on the festival circuit.”

Angel Fleet Fact Not Fiction Films
© Fact Not Fiction Films

Filmed mostly in West Sussex, England including at the world famous South Lodge Hotel the film will have a VIP Premiere in Horsham tomorrow evening 27th April 2023 at the prestigious Capitol Theatre.

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