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‘Eve Groves’ short film to feature an impressive new musical score

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Fact Not Fiction Films’ new public information short film ‘Eve Groves’ is an important lobular breast cancer awareness film being made to support the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’. A project set up to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London to specifically research Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC), the second most common type of breast cancer. A cancer that has no specific treatment.

The story is based on the journey of Dr Susan Michaelis, a recent British Citizen Award recipient, who was first diagnosed with ILC in 2013. The film is based around a family of ‘Eve Groves’, played by Angela Dixon and her two daughters ‘Francesca Groves’, played by Hannah Baxter-Eve and ‘Margaret Groves’ played by 17-year-old Farlington School student Millie Lewis.

Producer and Director, Tristan Loraine wanted the music to be an international co-operation speaking about the production to Film Industry Network said, “Cancer touches every nation, every religion and does not care about who you are, your political views or where you were born. In fact 3.75 million ladies globally will be diagnosed over the next 10 years with lobular breast cancer and it needs a global response. It’s an important film about a disease that needs to be defeated. This is why we have a truly international musical team to remind everyone, that cancer is a problem that should unite us globally.”

Eve Groves Theme

The film music comes from three internationally acclaimed talented musicians: Andrea Morricone (son of Ennio Morricone) from Italy, Anna Demchencko from Russia and Zoë from the United Kingdom. The orchestra supporting Andrea Morricone’s theme is based in Hungary and the whole final film sound mix is being completed in Portugal.

Andrea Morricone and Anna Demchencko have both scored new themes for the film. Andrea scored the ‘Eve Groves’ theme which opens the film and Anna the ‘Margaret Groves’ theme. Zoë brings her remarkable number 1 hit “Sunshine on a Rainy Day” written by Martin Glover, better known by his stage name “Youth” and Zoë Pollock.

Producer and Director, Tristan Loraine added, “Its been a very long journey to get such incredible music for a short film. I am so grateful to Andrea, Anna and Zoë for their incredible support of this film. Not only amazing musicians but truly kind and caring people who really wanted to help with this project and who all gave their time just to help the film and its message. I would also like to thank Martin Glover, Ros Earls and the musicians management teams, UMusic and Sony as well as Ellie Journet and Joe Boyd for their support in helping make this happen.”

The ‘Eve Groves’ film is the third production from Fact Not Fiction Films on an important public health issue and follows on from the award-winning shorts ‘Missing a Note’ and ‘Finding Wilson’.

‘Eve Groves’ is expected to complete post production by the end of March 2023.

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