Filmmaker Konstantin Ermakov turns dining room into epic Doritos commercial

Filmmaker Konstantin Ermakov’s latest ‘home made’ commercial for Doritos has gone viral in just a few days since it was uploaded with more than 500,000 views.

The video director shares a behind-the-scenes look at how he converted his dining room and made his own Doritos commercial by creating a temporary background using his TV and some string to float the Doritos bag in mid-air.

Using a ring light and rotoscoping around the Doritos bag, Konstantin was then able to import the bag into his editing timeline. But he has to go one step further. His TV setup is not looking good as a background, so by cutting out the bag, he then places it onto a green screen where he changes the colour.

Floating Doritos Commercial


© Konfilms

To give the shot additional vibrancy, he edits in some animation layers between the Doritos bag and the background - along with a short soundtrack for the commercial.

The filmmaker also uses a glue gun and mounts the Doritos can on a light stand in order to rotate it in front of the camera. With this setup he is then able to cut out the can and separately add in the crisps that descend into it.

The end result


© Konfilms


© Konfilms

Konstantin’s latest short commercial is just another example of how a simple idea with clever use of kit and editing can go a long way in creating a high quality commercial that looks good - without the million dollar budget.

The video director’s own YouTube channel has also become a go-to for filmmakers that want to learn techniques and tricks to get their videos up to scratch. Since starting his channel, Konstantin has managed to gain more than 435k subscribers and works with some of the UK’s best known content creators.

To discover his latest videos visit Konstantin’s YouTube Channel or connect with him on Instagram.

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