PSY Gangnam style parodies and remakes exceed 220 million views

Record breaking fan videos

Fans of 'Gangnam Style' have managed to draw in more than 220 million views after re-making the original hit. As PSY's popcorn fuelled video closes in on 800 million global views, it's managed to influence the creativity of many filmmakers, comedians and fans around the world.

The remakes and parodies range from a group of Korean female dancers shaking their stuff to Reggie Brown's own 'Obama Gangnam style'.

What is remarkable about some of these videos is their production costs appear to be fairly low, or non-existent. The Korean girl dancers video has more than 73 million views, and consists of one, simple wide shot, probably filmed on a cheap $200 camera. This far exceeds the total viewership of any major music video from the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Eminem and others.

Even Star Trek fans have managed to grasp on to the craze, creating a 'Klingon Gangnam Style' interpretation.

With over 220 million views in total as of today for the top ranking parodies and remakes, it's clear that the 'Gangnam' phenomenon is viral in itself. Does this give digital marketers an insight into how videos go viral? It's certainly worthy of a case study.

Top Gangnam Style remakes

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