Idris Elba opens up about Coronavirus in new live video: “I’ve had asthma all my life”


Idris Elba spoke about his experience with Coronavirus on Twitter today directly with his followers about what he’s been through - acknowledging that he was at greater risk due to suffering from asthma.

After he initially announced that he had tested positive for Covid 19 on Monday, Elba turned to Twitter to talk more in depth about his experiences and what he went through mentally.

“At one point we were like ‘our lives are over!’”

Elba’s video from yesterday has been viewed nearly 30 million times. Speaking today, the actor said that:

“Nobody knows too much about this virus.”

“We definitely want to be vocal and transparent, and being in the public eye, we get to talk to a lot of people at one time, and so here I am. And that’s not to take away form anybody else who’s not in the public eye.”

“If I can show you want I’m going through, you can use this..and influence your coping mechanism.”

“Thank you to everyone who’s showing all your support.”

The actor also had a stark warning for people spreading fake news about the impact of Coronavirus:

“Black people please understand..Coronavirus, you can get it! There are so many stupid conspiracy theories that black people can’t get it. That’s dumb, that’s stupid. That will get more black people killed.”

“Please understand that you can get it. Stop sending out these stupid WhatsApp messages about black people not getting it. We have to be as vigilant as every other race. This disease does not discriminate.”

“As a black person, I need to say something. As a black person who has contracted the virus. I’m saying, stop sending out that stupid sh$@t!”

And finally, the actor wanted to emphasise the risk and encourage people to stay positive

“It’s important to know that anyone can contract Coronavirus."

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