Artist Dr Suzi Morris calls for public support of the Imperial College’s COVID-19 Fund


© Suzi Morris

UK artist Dr Suzi Morris who featured in Fact Not Fiction Films’ documentary ‘The Residency’ has urged the public to support the Imperial College London’s COVID-19 Research Fund.

Dr Suzi Morris, a prominent artist who has sold her artwork around the world and took part in the acclaimed film ‘The Residency’, released a video statement this week encouraging public support of Imperial College London’s efforts to find a vaccine for the coronavirus.

She also pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds of her latest artworks to the research effort.

Dr Suzi Morris video statement

The short video message includes a montage of the important work the Imperial College is doing to find a vaccine and was produced by Fact Not Fiction Films.

In the video, Dr Suzi Morris shares that “you can fit more of this virus on the tip of a paintbrush than there are people in the United Kingdom. How does something so small and invisible make us feel so desperately vulnerable?”

Dr Suzi Morris also highlights her own experiences with viruses, having suffered from the impacts of a severe viral infection, illustrated through her paintings.

CEO of Fact Not Fiction Films, Tristan Loraine said: “With the current limitations placed on all filming activities, Suzi had to learn how to use an unfamiliar camera with some remote input from us. She did a great job. Imperial College kindly supplied us with archive footage and we were able to get the job done. It’s a very important initiative and we are pleased to be supporting it.”

To find out more about Imperial College’s work, discover their COVID-19 Response Fund. You can also see the latest artwork from Suzi Morris online and via Instagram.

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