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‘The Residency’ documentary to have Piccadilly Exhibition


Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their documentary ‘The Residency’, directed by Monika Grassl, is to include a unique exhibition at the Herrick Gallery in Piccadilly this autumn.

The feature length documentary focuses on the first ever da Vinci artist residency held in the summer of 2016 in Nuremburg. A year on, the five leading emerging artists who attended the residency will meet again for a special one-week exhibition at the Herrick Gallery, 26 September to 1 October 2017.

The Herrick Gallery,
93 Piccadilly,
W1J 7NQ.

Producer Tristan Loraine commented:

“We are delighted to be filming the final scene of our documentary at this unique exhibition at the perfectly located Herrick Gallery in Central London. Alice Herrick, the gallery director and our documentary supporters, da Vinci and Schmincke have been so supportive of the project. It will be an amazing art exhibition. I would also personally like to thank our director Ms Monika Grassl, Mr Hermann Meyer of da Vinci and our Executive Producer Mr Chris Rangel for their amazing help with the film.”

With an understanding of landscape as corporeal, geographical, psychological and or political, leading emerging artists Dr Suzi Morris, Melody Park, Sam Stopford, David Schroeter and Jonathan Kelly will reveal one or more of these aspects through a range of painting practices.

The five artists were originally selected for the Residency in Germany from five of the leading British art schools as representatives of painting today.

Dr Suzi Morris (University of East London), co-founder of the Residency and a former Art Director in Film, recently completed a professional doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London. Morris’ research and painting practice expands the dialogue between art and science. As genomic medicine creates viruses to cure cancers, Morris draws upon the homologous relationship between pigment and viruses to create viral landscapes of colour and mark making – the Viral Sublime –

Jonathan Kelly (Royal Academy) born in Hereford, recently graduated from the Royal Academy Schools. Kelly is attracted to the earliest art, the Paleolithic, as it looks beyond today’s complexities to more universal concerns of life, death and sexuality. He paints totemic idols, deities and venuses, and employs reductive geometries to create flattened mandala-like structures that suggest a devotional function.

Melody Park (Kingston University) is an artist who is quicker with her hands than with her head. Thus, when she was inspired by something, she wants to tap into it immediately, at that very moment. She paints quickly without interpretation and works continually without retouching.

David Schroeter (Royal College of Art) lives and works in London. Schroeter earned his BS at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York in 2010 and his MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London in 2016. He has exhibited in London, China, The Bronx Museum of Art and Columbia University New York

Sam Stopford (Glasgow School of Art) lives and works in Glasgow, after graduating in 2016 from the Glasgow School of Art, is an artist utilizing painting as a means of appropriating and deciphering the flood of images from the mass media. He uses images of news reportage, mass media and popular culture concealing these within one landscape.

Production Manager Ms Beth Moran stated:

“All of our crew who have done such a great job on this project. I would especially like to thanks the world's leading artist brush manufacturer: da Vinci Artist Brushes for their overwhelming support in this project.”

Tristan Loraine
Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd
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