UK Government announces £1 million boost to save Battersea Arts Centre

After a horrendous fire caused extensive damage to the Battersea Arts Centre, Chancellor George Osborne has stepped up the UK's response.

Following the blaze, supporters across the country donated over £201,000 to help repair the Grade II listed building and now the Government is backing the renovation project with an additional £1 million in funding.

"..And we are today making an additional £1 million contribution to help restore the centre to its former glory so that it can continue its great work in showcasing arts and culture to 100,000 people each year." - Evening Standard

The news will come as big relief for the Battersea Arts Centre that faced a funding gap to fully complete the renovation.

Building work is now set to resume this week with some staff working out of cafes as their offices were destroyed in the fire.

Osborne's announcement follows an extension to the film and TV tax credit programme set up to support the creative arts and new businesses.

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