Royal Wedding to boost media revenues as global interest surges

The Royal Wedding with Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is just days away and is expected to generate a big revenue stream for print and digital publishers as well fashion, film and advertising companies.

With a difficult ad market particularly for print in the past several years, the Royal Wedding is providing renewed demand and interest in the Royal family. Airing on Saturday 19th May, it will also garner considerable media attention in the U.S. as the Royals have become increasingly popular around the world and with Meghan Markle’s marriage to a member of Britain’s Royal family - there’s even more anticipation in America than ever before.

Prime locations in Windsor have been booked for months with media organizations seeking the best access and close proximity to the wedding. There are still however some rare finds such as this 5 bedroom house on the High Street just 100 yards away from where the wedding procession will run.

The Royal Wedding is expected to generate up to £1 billion for the U.K. economy, boosting local tourism, the film industry and the wider media industry as Royal family obsession hits its peak.

Will you be descending on Windsor for your Royal Wedding experience?

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