Prince Harry discusses Media frenzy over Vegas incident


The Prince's Naked photos that went global

The infamous naked Prince Harry photos that circulated the web have become news once again, but this time we are hearing Harry's response.

Vegas, often depicted in films as an extravagant backdrop was where Prince Harry played strip billiards and was caught on camera. The pictures were then leaked to American gossip site TMZ, which then circled the web and put the Royal family at the heart of an "ethics scandal".

While the debate about the leak continues, the Prince, speaking at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan told the BBC that he had let his family down. He had expected privacy in the moment where he had 'broken the rules', and felt that the media had not reported ahout it in the right manner regarding the incident.

"I'm not going to sit here and twinge…everyone has a mobile camera now. That's just the way life goes….it's an unstoppable force"

At the time of the leak, an American porn film producer had offered the Prince a whopping $10 million to star in his next adult hit. He turned it down.

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