Movie Poll reveals Britain's favourite actresses of 2012

Dame Judi Dench and Helena-Bonham Carter triumph

A new national poll conducted by Sky has revealed Britain's favourite actresses of 2012.

Dame Judi Dench and Helena Bonham-Carter came in first and second place, while Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and Anne Hathaway also made the top 5.

The poll asked sky movie viewers to vote for their favourite actors this year. The biggest grossing movies fared well as they propelled leading actors to the number one spot.

In retrospect, Daniel Craig was voted Britain's favourite actor. The success of 'Skyfall' broke historic box office records in the UK, and propelled the franchise to a new height. Dame Judi Dench was also applauded for her performance as 'M' in the latest Bond flick. Dench has been a big part of the Bond franchise since she first appeared opposite Pierce Brosnan in 1995 hit 'Goldeneye'.

Dench has had an exceptional career and continues to be a leading figure in the film industry. She continues to be an inspiration to women who are looking to break into the business, and pursue acting.

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