Kate Nash makes a low budget music video comeback

Kate NashSinger Kate Nash is taking her vocal talents back into the spotlight with her new single ‘Under-estimate the girl’. After receiving the BRIT Award for Best Female artist back in 2008, she has continued to develop her music, under the radar. Her personal success has led her to this moment, and with her new video, she has a new path in her artistry, which she seeks to explore on the web.

Her new single, written and recorded in less than a day, was adapted in the style of a low-budget grunge music video. Kate Nash has been given a ‘dirtier’ appeal. It’s an edgy and daring attempt by a well-known artist to create a music video that takes away the glamour and the popcorn to show us the raw emotion.

Speaking with Stylenoir Magazine, Nash highlighted her new artistic journey:

“I released it a couple of days after it had been written, recorded and the video made. I was desperate to get something out into the world. It felt like an actual release, like an emotional one too. I'm sure some people may be surprised by the direction I'm going - people that have only heard Foundations and some of the other songs that were out when I was in the limelight in 2007. But for me this feels like a very natural development.”

Beyond the scope of the video, many artists are now looking towards youtube as a distribution platform for their videos. It’s never an easy task to get 1000 views let alone 1 million, but you don’t need a £200,000 budget to get viral viewership. Why wait for a label. Get your material out there now!

Kate Nash:

“I feel like there is a real need for more risk taking and some kind of revolution in the UK. I'm Getting tired of the negative effect mainstream culture is having on the youth today and their self esteem."

Kate Nash Music Video

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