Exclusive: Simon Cowell addresses UK retailers in surprise appearance


Simon Cowell at the Oracle Retail Week Awards

Media Mogul Simon Cowell made a surprise visit to the Oracle Retail Week Awards last night to present an Outstanding Contribution Award to Sir Philip Green.

Cowell, one of Britain's most well-known media personalities and pioneer of 'The X Factor', addressed leading British retailers in what can only be dubbed as the 'Oscars of Retail'.

Sir Philip Green, who took to the stage to accept the award from Cowell, has been at the forefront of the British high street for many years. Cowell presented the award to Sir Philip, and highlighted not only his work, but that of British innovators, and what it takes to succeed, sending a clear message to people who want to make it big, regardless of what industry they are in.

In a humorous address, Cowell talked about the qualities Sir Philip has and ticked the boxes of what was needed to make it big, and why he was inspired by him:

“He is the hardest worker I've ever met in my life and what I've learnt from him to succeed is that you've got to have a massive ego, tick. You've got to be the hardest working person in the world, tick. You've got to respect your staff, tick, and you have to respect your customers, once again tick!”


Sir Philip Green

“What I think this guy has done for this country is genuinely outstanding. I've seen him work 18 hours a day. I've never heard him complain even when times are tough and I'm proud to know him as a friend and I think all of us in this room should be proud that we have people like Philip Green doing what he's doing. He's flown the flag for Britain and he thoroughly deserves this award tonight, and I'm very proud to have him as a friend, Sir Philip, congratulations.” - Simon Cowell

With the success of 'The X Factor' in the UK and the US, Simon Cowell has built a vast media empire, and continues to show people proof his winning formula, and personal work ethic.

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