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Animation director Vicky Mather to join Royals in Hollywood

Award winning animation director Vicky Mather is getting the career boost of a lifetime after being invited by BAFTA to fly out to Hollywood and join a special event attended by Prince William, Princess Kate and a host of talented filmmakers.

Vicky Mather gained critical acclaim for her short film 'Stanley Pickle', which garnered 25 international awards including the Edinburgh Film Festival's McLaren Award and Best Animation at the Seattle Film Festival. In my interview, Vicky describes how she made the film, and her creative approach to animation directing. On top of her international success 'Stanley Pickle' has become the most awarded animation in her film school's 40 year history.

BAFTA chose Vicky among other talented British filmmakers and actors to join the ceremony that will highlight their achievements in America. Mather's exceptional short animation has made a big impression on the film industry, inspiring others to push their creativity.

Attendees at the BAFTA Ceremony will include

- Rory Aitken, Producer of 'Welcome To The Punch'
- Ben Lambert, Visual Effects Artist and modelling supervisor on 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1' and on 'Gravity', which is currently shooting starring George Clooney
- Talulah Riley, actress on feature films such as 'St Trinians' and 'Pride and Prejudice'.

For the full breakdown of attendees please visit the BAFTA website. 'BAFTA Brits To Watch' will host its inaugural event at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles Saturday 9th July.

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