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Daniel Radcliffe reveals acting career insights with BAFTA


Daniel Radcliffe talks with BAFTA

BAFTA has released today an interview with Daniel Radcliffe who speaks about his acting choices, and career decisions.

The 'Harry Potter' star reveals what he feels about good scriptwriting, and what he looks for in a role. He also has some high praise for his co-stars, who helped him develop his techniques and taught him more about acting as he progressed through the Harry Potter franchise.

Interview segment from BAFTA

One on one with Daniel Radcliffe

"It's very hard to pin down exactly what you're really looking for when you look for a role, but I mean it's just basic principles. I always enjoy being challenged by something if I'm feeling that i'm doing something that I haven't done before, so that's probably the main thing that I look for…Something that's new to me."

"In really good scriptwriting, the stories move along and unfold in exchanges of character, through the characters talking and learning about each other rather than you reading just pages and pages of exposition and characters explaining the plot, and actually, a much more interesting and wholly better way of writing is without exposition and where the story is being told through exchanges of character."

"The Job always requires me to prepare for something each time…Every scene presents a different set of challenges. There are always scenes that you worry about the most..It's important to say, the more challenging a scene is, in a way the more fun it is."

"I think I learn from people all around me…I was very lucky to have an amazing group of people around me. Gary Oldman was someone who I was lucky to work with when I was young and he gave me great advice, and he's still a real inspiration."

This is a short video transcript highlighting some of the key points that Radcliffe made on acting in BAFTA's interview dating 11th November. Check out the full video interview via the official website for more details.

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