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2013 BAFTAs the most high tech ever film event in the UK?

British BAFTAs this week

The hype is building for this year's 2013 BAFTAs which takes place this Sunday, but what can we say about the tech of this dazzling event?

Taking place at the the Royal Opera House from 5pm live on February 10th, fans will be able to enjoy the British Academy Film Awards from the centre of the red carpet. What? Really?

The BAFTAs will be broadcast in 360° allowing fans to switch live cameras at the red carpet whilst tweeting and hashtagging their affection of this year's nominees. On top of that, there will be a smartphone application allowing them to do even more tech stuff that I can't even understand. The show will be hosted by MTV presenter Laura Whitmore who will bring her own quirkiness to the opening of Britain's biggest film event of the year. I can't wait to witness the awkward, yet amusing interviews.

Like every year, the BAFTAs put the spotlight not just on established A listers, but on young emerging talent. With Britain investing in more training programmes for youth, it's a great time to pursue a career in entertainment, with so much support coming from the sector. It's also an occasion to reward those who have submitted excellent short films, that present audiences new ideas and intrigue them with gripping story-lines and rich characters. This is the kind of filmmaking that should be encouraged...

As with any other year, the BAFTAs are always going to improve on the last, and bring out more intrigue, and sensation, for viewers and attendees. It's not just about the Awards, or the people walking that red carpet, it's about the creation that goes behind every film competing.

How will you spend your Sunday evening this week? Are you rooting for 'Django Unchained' or does 'Lincoln' excite you? Perhaps Keira Knightley in 'Anna Karenina' deserves a win this year?

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