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Hugh Jackman talks about 'Les Miserables' on BAFTA Red Carpet

Hugh Jackman on the red carpet

Hugh Jackman has just been interviewed on the BAFTA red carpet, discussing his involvement with 'Les Misérables', which will be competing tonight. Despite Tom Hooper not being nominated for 'Best Director', the actor was very upbeat about the film's chances. With Hollywood stars slowly arriving in rainy London, fans have packed the streets to get signed autographs and a glimpse of their favourite stars.

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Check out what Hugh Jackman talked about on the Live red carpet show:

Hugh Jackman discusses Les Misérables

(Interview conducted by the BBC)

On the film:

"It's a great story, great music. Tom hoover did an incredible job….particulary here in england….sing!!..sing! (to the crowd).

How gruelling was it preparing and working on the film?

"look it was gruelling because you had to sing for 12 hours a day…I think having done musicals, 8 shows a week..ultimately it was challenging, and it was the first movie where people had to sing live."

Disappointed about Tom Hooper not getting a best director nod?

"You know, of course to us, absolutely. I would not be on this red carpet if it weren't for Tom hooper. He's got many more great films to make. I think he will be thrilled that the film got nominated, he will take solace in that."

Is the British connection a good luck charm?

"I don't know. I don't want to bet anything. I don't know how it works, because it is a British project, spirtually. This is where that flame was really lit."

"This night means a hell of a lot. Thanks a lot!"

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