2012 Olympic games biggest 'red carpet event' for UK

2012 Olympic Games : The Stakes

The 2012 Olympic games are just over a week away and the world's media is preparing for this year's most talked about sporting event.

With over 6200 media representatives descending on London from around the world, the UK is about to witness 'red carpet attention' never before seen. What makes the 2012 Olympic Games much different to previous ceremonies and sporting events is how the technology of the web has brought us closer to sports.

The World Cup in 2010 was at the height of the media revolution but 2 years on we are so much more connected, and the smallest peak of gossip can explode around the world into the most discussed topics.

Danny Boyle will direct the opening ceremony on 27th July and I can tell you there is an extra special surprise waiting for Londoners. I am not allowed to divulge this information, but it's going to be spectacular and the final preparation is taking place for the big day.

How will we cope with such a massive influx as the world descends on the UK for what is billed as 'The biggest media event in UK History'? I just hope that everyone enjoys this tremendous moment for Britain.

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