World record: PSY Gangnam style is the biggest music video ever


Music video breaks world record

It has become the most viral video of all time making this a defining moment for the music industry.

Since Youtube was launched, no video has managed to amass such a global following on this scale before, and it continues to defy a trend as it's overall viewership is accelerating. Crossing over 805 million views today according to, the video has overtaken Justin Bieber's 2010 hit 'Baby' with some phenomenal stats.

PSY 'Gangnam style'

  • 805 million views
  • 4062 video views a minute
  • 5.3 million likes
  • 1.2 million Twitter followers

Justin Bieber 'Baby'

  • 804 million views
  • 550 views a minute
  • 3.14 million dislikes
  • 30.2 million Twitter followers

PSY Gangnam Style

Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream informed me that that 'Gangnam Style' will surpass 1 billion views on the 11th December which would also break another online record. Suffice to say that the music industry is witnessing a global event around a single video, which has spawned hundreds of remakes raking in millions of views in themselves.

To find out more stats check out this in-depth study of the 'Gangnam style' video.

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