George Zimmerman vs DMX boxing match is a threat to national security

Damon Feldman's Celebrity boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX threatens race relations across the U.S and should be banned.

The celebrity boxing match and PR stunt is highly controversial because if either DMX or Zimmerman get severely injured during the match, it could flare up race riots across the nation. There is far too much grievance following the court case involving Zimmerman and this a highly dangerous, and unnecessary event.

Remember the LA riots of 1992? The aftermath of this match could be worse. This won't be seen as a celebrity boxing match and of course, while it will get a lot of attention, it certainly won't help calm the anger that has been fuelled by Zimmerman's recent desire to make money off his acquittal.

George Zimmerman is widely perceived to have killed African American teenager Trayvon Martin while rapper DMX has a controversial past of his own. Putting these two in the ring is absurd, and a danger to national security. It's a revenge match that puts race in the ring.

A new petition released on the White House website demands that the match be cancelled insisting that there could be risks to people's lives, including participants:

"Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America.
Damon Feldman has been known for fixing fights and taking short cuts in the past in bypassing state requirements for fighters to obtain a license to box.
Mr Feldmans past should be highly considered in this regard if Feldman is not going through the proper channels to ensure the safety of the participants it puts lives at risk."

While people around the world may see this as a celebrity boxing match of no consequence, communities in the U.S affected by the murder of Trayvon Martin won't be standing by silently.

This is the perfect storm to create a backlash we can't even begin to predict but when there are extremely upset parts of society that feel very wounded by what happened, there is no justification to incite that anger, especially when this is purely to exploit that and make money from it. It should be banned. This is not entertainment, it is revenge.

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