NAACP website crashes : 100,000 sign Trayvon Martin petition


NAACP website taken offline

The NAACP website has crashed while news of George Zimmerman's acquittal has gone viral on the web.

Many industry leaders, civil rights activists and public figures have spoken out about the trial, in what has become a huge debate in America about racial prejudice.

Celebrities have responded to the outcome of the trial while the NAACP have asked for calm in order to pursue justice in the face of the trial's verdict. While many African-American communities will be outraged by the outcome, it certainly isn't the last we've heard about Zimmerman, nor do we know where this will lead.

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However, the NAACP has urged people not to respond with violence as this will not resolve any problems and only add strain to communities. Trayvon Martin's death was a tragedy and it is clear today that many wish to pursue a course of justice while Zimmerman walk's free.

Will you be joining the NAACP's petition to support Trayvon Martin's family?


This is the link to the Martin Trayvon online petition. So far 109,000 people have signed up.

20,000 more people have signed the petition in the last hour. The total is now 130,000

The NAACP have released a new link for people wishing to sign the civil rights case against George Zimmerman.

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