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7 reasons why George Zimmerman will never be free

George Zimmerman trial is just the beginning

George Zimmerman has been acquitted of second degree murder much to the shock and horror of millions of Americans. Zimmerman, who was a neighborhood watch volunteer shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an African American teenager in apparent self-defense which started a national debate on racial profiling. However the verdict will not end Zimmerman's troubles, and it is likely that he will never be free.

Top 7 reasons why Zimmerman will never be free

  • National outrage about his acquittal will put pressure on him and his family
  • He is a symbol of injustice in the eyes of millions and he will be constantly reminded of it
  • His actions will be remembered long after the debate dies down, meaning down the line, he could face challenges in employment and elsewhere
  • People will want to distance themselves from him because there's a risk of being associated with his actions
  • He will face isolation because he will have this huge weight on his shoulders, an angry nation on his back.
  • He will be a danger to others because communities and individuals outraged by him could spur violence against him in the future.
  • The fight for justice wont end there, and organizations, movements will challenge the court's rulings and his actions will be constantly reviewed.


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