Generating leads for events and standing out from the crowd

Generating leads for events and standing out from the crowd


When it comes to marketing an event, it’s essential that a lead generation strategy is put into place well ahead of the starting date. This allows enough time for event details to be communicated while making sure those messages reach the right people who could be interested in attending.

For events such as conferences, tech fairs and film festivals, getting people to commit before they begin is not easy. However, there are a number of ways in which you can start to get people engaged.

One of the first priorities for events is to create an online acquisition point where people can register their interest in an easy and uncomplicated way. This could be a landing page, a specific website or a social media post. However it is important to note that sometimes certain fields in a form or even the way the information is presented can result in a lack of uptake – so getting this messaging right is crucial, especially when the lead generation campaign is in full swing.

Often overlooked is the targeting of audiences and how an upcoming event relates to them. Sometimes it is too early to be asking people to commit fully to something they don’t know enough about. Therefore in this process, an event should be looking to create stories and building interest over time where audiences naturally want to RSVP or sign up on their own account.

Here are a couple of examples of lead generation and how standing out from the crowd with storytelling helped to gather supporters and leads:

BVExpo in London

The BVExpo in London is an annual event which brings together filmmakers, professionals and tech companies. There are many high-end cameras and other gadgets on display and for the event to be successful, it needs to promote not just the tech on display, but the seminars and the talks that are part of the whole experience. Therefore, when we think about event marketing and getting people to attend, we’re not just talking about the mechanics of how people can sign up and go, but also what they will be able to participate in. This is part of the storytelling that businesses need to think about before they start promoting their event. What kind of additional benefits are there in attending? How can those benefits be talked about in the media and elsewhere to get people more engaged and excited?

Film Fatales at Tribeca

Film Fatales wanted to encourage people to attend a number of special events at Tribeca. Through a series of media engagements the organization was able to talk more in-depth about their screenings, and encourage people to attend. This built momentum ahead of the festival where they were also able to demonstrate the spirit of the organization itself, which in some ways was more important than the actual screenings. Statements from the organization members including notable filmmakers gave readers an insight into their values which in turn helped other filmmakers understand more about what they do – increasing uptake at their events.

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