Lead Generation


Lead Generation

Whether you are looking to launch a new product, announce an event or provide a specialized service, Film Industry Network provides advertisers with a number of targeting options for campaigns that reach more potential customers and fans. 

Advertisers can target users based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors and much more to get messages in front of the right audiences that will share and amplify content even further. 

From interviews to news features and research articles, Film Industry Network produces high-impact stories that get shared across the social web and reach influencers as well as brands and content creators. 

If you are interested in launching an advertising campaign with Film Industry Network contact our team to find out more. 

Generating leads

Acquire targeted leads through our network.

Get your message in front of industry professionals, filmmakers, movie fans, studio executives, influencers and business leaders. Reach a big audience or target a specific segment of the industry with your message.
Campaign reports
Receive reports highlighting engagement and campaign reach across demographics and locations with breakdowns of customers and additional information (on request).
Dedicated Account Manager
An Account Manager will oversee the entire implementation of the campaign from start to finish and strategize the lead generation process with you.
Reach audiences at scale
Scale your campaign in multiple cities, states or countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia) and reach more customers interested in your offer. Re-target customers already interested in your offer across the web for more sales conversions.
Drive targeted traffic

Get targeted leads to take specific actions such as participating in a contest, signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. See more potential customers visiting your website, landing page, social media post or event page. 

Inbound/outbound leads

Acquire leads interested in your product or service and retain contact information on qualified customers including company information and points of interest for outbound sales calls and follow-ups. 

Discover more

Explore Film Industry Network advertising options below and see our social engagement.

Generate Awareness

Get in front of creative audiences and influence decision makers across the industry. Promote film festival events, screenings, upcoming movie premieres and more with high-impact news coverage.

Video Contests

Launch national and global contests that promote your products. Get content creators to produce high quality videos that develop your brand affinity and tap into viral sharing across the social web.

Content For Businesses

Deliver new content experiences that thrill and empower your customers through news articles, editorial features, social media posts and much more.

Social Conversations

Film Industry Network news coverage is frequently talked about by influencers, leading brands and organizations.


To start a new campaign with Film Industry Network please contact our team using the form below. If you have a specific budget available for your campaign you can include it (optional) so that our team can provide you with different campaign options aligned to your business objectives.

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