For Businesses

For Businesses

Film Industry Network works with businesses to develop and implement campaigns from start to finish. If you are launching a new product, looking to generate awareness for an upcoming event or film release, you can provide us with an outline to get your campaign started.

Whether you are looking to get more exposure in the film industry for your brand, raise awareness about a new product, or drive targeted users towards a product offer, we provide a full range of campaign options to get you started.

Depending on your business objectives, Film Industry Network produces a variety of content from news advertorials to interviews, and social media posts. We also specialize in video contests where we mobilize content creators from around the world to engage with your product and produce high quality submissions that promote your brand.

Businesses are provided with comprehensive reports on user engagement and interaction where you can learn about your target market and make a bigger impact to help drive sales growth and brand affinity.

Benefits for businesses

Reach new audiences and grow your influence.

Get your brand guaranteed news coverage
Reach influencers, film professionals and decision makers at Fortune 500 companies through our syndicated news network. Get people talking about your brand across the web.
Engagement metrics and reports
Get comprehensive reports of the campaign from the moment it is launched and understand more about your customers, where they are coming from and what their interests are.
Dedicated account manager
An Account Manager will oversee the entire implementation of your campaign from start to finish and provide regular updates on progress and impact along with possible recommendations to improve uptake.
Reach audiences at scale
Tell audiences about your business and reach people with additional targeting across popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We also syndicate our news directly to over 5000 universities and colleges.
Simple campaign creation
By submitting a brief introduction about your product/business our team can provide you with a campaign concept with several budget options that works for you.
Video contests made easy
Tap into our network of content creators without having to worry about not getting enough entries or reaching the right audience. We’ve got you covered, and we can design and launch your contest (optional).

Previous campaigns

Discover examples of previous campaigns and news coverage below.

Wyoming Short Film Contest

A campaign was launched to promote the region and encourage film submissions for an annual contest

Bombay Sapphire / Tribeca Film Festival

Launched a news campaign to promote a gin brand with Oscar winner Adrien Brody.

San Francisco Film Society

Developed a news campaign to promote the launch of the festival's online screening room VOD service.

Short film Ellston Bay

News distribution and promotion for a short film supported by Kodak, Arri Rental and Procam.


To start a new campaign with Film Industry Network please contact our team using the form below. If you have a specific budget available for your campaign you can include it (optional) so that our team can provide you with different campaign options aligned to your business objectives.

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