How it Works

How it works

The 6-step approach

Film Industry Network launches advertising campaigns with a variety of major brands and entertainment businesses throughout the year. Our campaign process ensures that you have full control over your ad spend, along with options to distribute content at an agreed timetable, with the messages you want included. We will work with you to produce and deliver content to our creative audience and at scale through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach your target audience. (100k-25 million reach). You can contact us here to find out more.

How it works:

1. The brief: What are your goals?

Before starting your campaign we will look at your goals and objectives, the type of messaging you want included and the kind of audience you want to target. Whether your objective is to raise awareness for an event, a movie release, a product or service launch, we can work with you to establish the framework of what the campaign needs to achieve.

2. Targeting: Who do you want to engage with?

Once a clear goal has been defined, we will look at the different user groups to target and how to do so effectively through Film Industry Network and its social community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Campaign schedule: Setting up timelines

Whether the campaign is to take place around a certain timeframe such as a pre-launch window or during a holiday season including Christmas or as an ongoing marketing effort, we will set a schedule and begin to plan content for distribution to the agreed timetable you choose.

4. Content production / branding: Creative process

During the production phase we will create news articles, videos and branding such as poster art, social media graphics and assets to be used once the campaign begins. This will be uploaded to a cloud drive where applicable for use across your company channels, websites and via Film Industry Network.

5. Distribution: Content goes live

We will release news articles, videos and other collaterals as agreed during the preparation of the campaign. These will be syndicated in Film Industry Network news apps, on social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. You will also receive links to live content so you can keep track of progress.

6. Reports: The breakdown

During the campaign or at the end of the engagement window (if less than 4 weeks), you will receive a breakdown of statistics on the final Friday of each calendar month showing impressions, ages, user demographics and more depending on the options you chose for targeting.

Vicky Mather - Animator & Filmmaker

“Film Industry Network is a positive and great resource for new talent and film makers to shout about their work and share stories.”

Jesse Rosenblatt - Entertainment Attorney

“Film Industry Network improves aspiring filmmakers’ chances of breaking into the industry by providing insightful articles and how to’s with the input of a wide range of experts."

Séverine Melchiorre - Production Manager

“Hi everybody, I am a production manager in Paris. I would like to thank the Film Industry Network team for giving us so much information about the entertainment/cinema/TV/music universe that’s useful to amateurs and professionals as well."

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