Content Production


Content Production

We provide a variety of content production options for advertisers looking to engage with readers across a multitude of platforms from social media to micro websites and newsletters.

Film Industry Network campaigns include news coverage to get the word out about your brand or product along with award ceremony coverage, in-depth interviews, event videos and more.

Depending on your advertising objectives, content can be created to engage fans not just through our network, but via your own channels and in other applications. Social media designs, tutorial articles and short video ads are just some of the formats we specialize in to increase your brand’s engagement with customers across the web.

If you are interested in launching an advertising campaign with Film Industry Network contact our team to find out more. 

Deliver a new experience

Make a bigger impact and reach audiences with engaging content that gets shared and talked about.

News articles
Get high quality and thought provoking articles that get readers interested in what you do with specific calls to action to get them passionate about your brand values.
Invite key spokespeople from you business as well as industry experts and clients to talk about product innovations, new ideas and upcoming releases in the media.
Dedicated Account Manager
An Account Manager will oversee the entire implementation of the campaign from start to finish and strategize the content production process with you.
Editorial videos
Get short videos and documentary-style coverage of your business and products, giving people a comprehensive overview of what you do. See your content get shared across the web.

Develop short, high impact content that gets people debating and sharing online with branded memes, short video ads and much more. 

Banner advertising

Release high-impact banner advertising that gets displayed when a user has shown their interest in your brand to support your campaign. (Re-targeting) 

Discover more

Explore Film Industry Network advertising options below and see our social engagement.

Lead Generation

Acquire targeted leads for your upcoming industry events, conferences and products that grow your revenue and brand presence internationally.

Video Contests

Launch national and global contests that promote your products. Get content creators to produce high quality videos that develop your brand affinity and tap into viral sharing across the social web.

Generate Awareness

Get in front of creative audiences and influence decision makers across the industry. Promote film festival events, screenings, upcoming movie premieres and more with high-impact news coverage.

Social Conversations

Film Industry Network news coverage is frequently talked about by influencers, leading brands and organizations.


To start a new campaign with Film Industry Network please contact our team using the form below. If you have a specific budget available for your campaign you can include it (optional) so that our team can provide you with different campaign options aligned to your business objectives.

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