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Oscar winning Director Kevin Macdonald to speak at the 2016 BVExpo

Oscar and BAFTA winning director Kevin Macdonald will participate in a Keynote at this year’s 2016 BVExpo in London.

Macdonald’s first feature documentary ‘One Day in September’ (1999) examined the murders of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Germany and garnered critical acclaim, winning the Oscar for Best Documentary. The director has also received numerous awards for his work including a BAFTA for ‘Last King of Scotland’ starring Forest Whitaker and has helmed several Hollywood blockbusters including ’State of Play’ with Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Ben Affleck.

In 2010 Macdonald directed one of the most ambitious crowdsourced documentaries in history with producer Ridley Scott. Premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, ‘Life in a Day’ included scenes from more than 4500 hours of footage submitted by thousands of filmmakers around the world.

This year’s BVExpo at London Excel will be the largest gathering of entertainment professionals in the UK giving filmmakers the opportunity to network, discover new technology and attend seminars for free.

Macdonald will join a host of guest speakers and panelists from top production companies and studios including Corey Bridges, Founder of Netflix, Martyn Suker, Head of Production Innovation for ITV and Social Media Guru Samantha Baines.

Guest Speakers Schedule

Day One - February 23rd

  • Martyn Suker, ITV, head of Production
  • Jeff Hurlow, Vimeo, Head of Brand
  • Geoff Boyle, DoP

Day Two February 24th

  • Richard Mckerrow, British Bake Off, head of Creative
  • Oscar winning director, Kevin Macdonald
  • Corey Bridges, Founder of Netflix
  • Comedy Night Lock in – leading comedians from around the UK

Day Three February 25th

  • Cameron Saunders, Managing Director, 20th Century Fox
  • Tom Ridgewell, AKA Tomska, British Film and Video creator, YouTube Megastar
  • Samantha Baines, Social Media Guru, Penguin in the Room

You can discover all the latest events and guest speakers on the BVExpo website and register for a free accreditation.

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