Film Industry Network launches internship program at ECU Film Festival in Paris

Film Industry Network launches internship program at ECU Film Festival in Paris


PARIS, FRANCE, March 31, 2012 – Film Industry Network has launched its internship program for university students looking to pursue creative careers in motion picture production, broadcast and journalism.

Film Industry Network began enrolment for its 3-week internship program for 1st and 2nd year university students seeking professional training to enhance their skills in content production. A number of journalism and media students were selected to participate from the Studio M Arts and Journalism school in Montpellier, France.

This week, students have been working on a number of organized workshops and practical exercises ranging from video interviews to writing press releases and stories for Film Industry Network publications in the UK and France.

Students on the program also attended the ECU European International Film Festival in Paris this weekend, and were provided with back-stage passes giving them the opportunity to interview filmmakers in the official competition. Students were also invited to an exclusive afterparty on a river boat which toured the Seine around Paris following the closing ceremony – which included a live musical performance and private concert.


The ECU Film Festival is Europe’s premier destination for independent short and feature films. Each year the festival welcomes thousands of attendees who come from around the world to celebrate the best in independent filmmaking.

Film Industry Network would like to thank the interns that participated in our internship program and wish them well in their future studies. To explore career and internship opportunities at Film Industry Network, please visit our careers section for more information.

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