Film Industry Network announces sponsorship of Film The House

Film Industry Network announces sponsorship of Film The House

LONDON, UK, January 20, 2014 – Film Industry Network has announced it will be sponsoring the UK Government’s Film The House contest, supporting the campaign to promote young up and coming filmmakers.

Film The House is a Parliamentary initiative spearheaded by MP Mike Weatherley, seeking to promote the importance of protecting intellectual property while recognizing up and coming talent from constituencies across the United Kingdom.

Backed by a number of Hollywood studios including Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Warner Bros and Google, the winning films will be screened at the Houses of Parliament this July.

Film Industry Network will work behind-the-scenes to co-ordinate the promotion of the campaign and provide assistance in reaching young filmmakers across the UK through its news platform.

To find out more about the contest you can see the official announcement here.

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