Film Industry Network launches on Apple News in the UK, US and Australia

Film Industry Network launches on Apple News in the UK, US and Australia


LONDON, UK, November 28, 2016 – Film Industry Network has joined the Apple News program making news articles available for iOS users around the world for the first time.

Launched on iOS 9 on September 16, 2015, Apple News was initially available to users in the United States before being rolled out to the UK and other territories including Australia. In 2016, Apple News was upgraded with new branding and invited publishers to their program so that more unique stories could be syndicated to Apple users.

Film Industry Network’s entertainment, film, and music news as well as original features can now be found on Apple News along with other publishers such as The New York Times, Vanity Fair and ESPN.

Each article is syndicated directly from the Film Industry Network news platform where iOS users with Apple News pre-installed on their device can access and archive Film Industry Network’s articles.

The Apple News app is syndicated to over 70 million devices worldwide and provides readers with a high quality, native reading experience, allowing them to browse top publications and make a selection of their favorite articles.

About Film Industry Network

Film Industry Network is a news and resource platform helping people succeed in the entertainment business. Film Industry Network interviews successful and talented professionals in entertainment, highlights the latest industry trends and publishes original, in-depth tutorials to support creative professionals. It also provides a membership for film industry professionals that wish to expand their network and access career opportunities, funding for their films as well as gaining recognition for their work.


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