Film Industry Network attends 2016 American Film Market

Film Industry Network attends 2016 American Film Market

SANTA MONICA, USA, November 6, 2016 – Film Industry Network headed to the 2016 American Film Market this week to attend a number of key conferences exploring film production, financing and pitching.

Attending this year’s Pitch Conference among a number of other key events this week, Film Industry Network spoke with a number of filmmakers and producers accredited for this year’s AFM to find out more on their productions and how they were looking to secure financing as well as distribution.

With the changes in distribution affecting film financing and a number of productions looking to secure funds for straight-to-video releases, this year’s AFM provided further insight into how the business of making of films is adapting to the new realities of audience habits and how projects are being sold for distribution, factoring in shorter theatrical windows, and a range of VOD options.

Filmmakers were given the opportunity to introduce their film concepts at this year’s Pitch Conference, attended by a number of industry pros, revealing insights into how they could improve their pitches for film projects in the sales and financing process.

Over $1 billion in deals are made each year at the AFM, one of the industry’s most important events for productions of independent and high budget films.

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